Edited from City of Huntington Press Release

The Huntington City Council Administration and Finance Committee has a lengthy agenda for its Monday, Aug 26 at 6:15 p.m. in council chambers.

Items on the agenda:


1. Ordinance 2019-O-26 - repealing §202.10 of the City Code regarding residency requirement to comply with the 11/6/2012 repeal of the requirement from the Charter

2. Ordinance 2019-O-27 - Franchise Agreement w/AEP WV for right of way

3. Resolution 2019-R-60 - contract to purchase 5 camera systems for police vehicles

4. Resolution 2019-R-63 – contract to purchase 5 Ford 2020 police utility vehicles for HPD

5. Resolution: 2019-R-65 – authorizing Sanitary Board for contract to purchase one 2018 Dodge Ram 550 truck & equipment

6. Resolution 2019-R-66 – authorizing Sanitary Board contract to purchase one 2019 Case backhoe

7. Resolution 2019-R-67 – Sanitary Board contract to purchase 3 dump truck chasis and dump beds

8. Resolution 2019-R-68 – enacting a 14 day work period for law enforcement officers being assigned to work 12-hour shifts

9. Resolution 2019-R-69 – sales agreement with for the purchase of property on 9th Avenue

10. Other Matters as Necessary