Edited from City of Huntington Press Release

Huntington City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, to interview and vote on applicants to fill the District 9 City Council seat that was vacated by Tina Brooks earlier this month.

There are 11 qualified residents who have applied for the City Council seat:

Gareth Douglas Barnett
2922 7th Ave.

Kista Black
3611 3rd Ave.

John "Jack" Dorsey Daniels
3115 Sumner Ave.

Carl L. Eastham
340 1st Street (Altizer)

David Kitchen
705 Singer St.

Ted V. Kluemper Jr.
3134 Sumner Ave.

Anna Warren Lewis
171 2nd St. (Altizer)

Aaron Z. Morrison
115 Elwood Ave.

Joe Powers
8 Willoughby Ave.

John D. Short
121 Elwood Ave.

Gregg Ellyn Walker
208 35th St.

Upon completion of the interview process, City Council members will nominate applicants. They will only cast votes for applicants who are nominated. The winner must have a majority of the votes cast.