Edited from City of Huntington Press Release
Huntington Council Approves Police Car Purchase; Fiscal Year Ends with Surplus

The city’s Finance Department reported to City Council’s Finance Committee this evening that the city ended the 2018-2019 fiscal year (ended June 30) $2,946,748 in the black.

In a corresponding move, City Council approved a budget revision to assign those funds to this year’s budget. The following is a summary of that revision:

— increase in prepaid insurance line item by $274,370.

— increase assigned fund balance (workers comp line of credit and Vested Health) by $6,366.

— increase unassigned fund balance by $2,858,391.

— $500,000 to economic development for acquisition and operation costs associated with ACF Industries.

— $500,000 to insurance programs for high cost claims.

— $1,500,000 to capital projects to help fund new fire station at 20th Street and 9th Avenue, renovation of National Guard Armory into city garage and project to make City Hall more accessible for people with disabilities.

— $639,127 increase in city’s contingency (rainy day) fund.


City Council approved a resolution this evening to purchase 5 new cruisers for the Huntington Police Department. The approval brings the total number of new cruisers purchased in the past 18 months to 16. The Police Department also purchased three new vehicles for the Detective Bureau during that time.