Land Reuse Committee to Consider Various Properties

Updated 37 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release

The Huntington Land Reuse Commission will meet at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at Huntington City Hall, according to Crystal Perry, demolition specialist Huntington Dept. of Planning and Development. 

28 Properties are under discussion: 

  1. a.      Property Proposals

                                                                          i.      2676 4th Avenue

                                                                        ii.      750 Washington Avenue

                                                                      iii.      303 Prospect Street

                                                                      iv.      1472 28th Street

                                                                        v.      547-49 22nd Street

                                                                      vi.      2654 1st Avenue

                                                                    vii.      729 Division Street – West End

                                                                  viii.      2138 10th Avenue

                                                                      ix.      1809 Hall Avenue

                                                                        x.      1307 5th Avenue West

                                                                      xi.      1243 Virginia Avenue

                                                                    xii.      306 Bellevue Road

                                                                  xiii.      2105 5th Avenue West

                                                                  xiv.      1327 9th Avenue

                                                                    xv.      3612 Moore Street

                                                                  xvi.      188 & 192 South Edgemont Street

                                                                xvii.      2005-2009 10th Avenue

                                                              xviii.      632 4th Street

                                                                  xix.      2807 Hite Avenue

                                                                    xx.      2805 Hite Avenue

                                                                  xxi.      1472 28th Street

                                                                xxii.      1825 Marshall Avenue

                                                              xxiii.      729 Buffington Street

                                                              xxiv.      1823 8th Avenue

                                                                xxv.      Property located inside 2005 10th Avenue (car)

                                                              xxvi.      1639 Charleston Avenue

                                                            xxvii.      Map No. 4N Plot No. 157 West Pea Ridge Road (donation                                                                                Birke Trust)   


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