Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor to Speak at Marshall

Founder of the Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools Kristina Anderson will speak at Marshall University at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22, in the Don Morris Room in the Memorial Student Center. It’s part of the annual Yeager Symposium.

 Anderson’s message, titled “Lessons Learned as a Survivor of the Virginia Tech Tragedy,”  will outline what it was like to live through such an experience. She was shot multiple times in her classroom at Virginia Tech and since has dedicated her life to personal safety and the idea of making schools throughout the country safer. As a survivor of the Virginia Tech tragedy, she provides firsthand knowledge of the threats to schools in today’s society.

Marshall University President Dr. Jerome Gilbert says the knowledge that Anderson brings to the table is unmatched when dealing with school safety.

“Kristina’s message resonates with anyone who hears it,” Gilbert said. “Her ideas on how to deal with active threats are things that Marshall University needs to pay attention to.”

Anderson will discuss details of interest to emergency responders and the idea of utilizing a risk assessment team.

The event is sponsored by the Marshall’s Society of Yeager Scholars and the Office of the President; Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe; and the St. Mary’s Medical Center.