Comcast Strikes Again as Grinch

Updated 2 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Comcast last month endured the wrath of the baby boomer/senior oriented customers when they placed Turner sic Movies into the Sports Entertainment tier for $10 extra. Containing mostly regional sports, subscribers have protested, even threatening a class action senior discrimination suit. But, before you sign on, the company's forum has numerous  posts that a well articulated complaint to a customer rep might generate a "discount."

Of course, other subscribers have Encore/Starz tomahawks in  their hands after the company dropped this suit replacing it with an EPIX package. Four of the channels will be Encore clones, too. But, Comcast and Starz negotiations are at a standstill so they all may go away on January 1.

And, if you listen to Music Choice, it's gone too . 

Meanwhile, a fairly reputable online blog has revealed New Year price hike's  for Comcast. Specifically,they are raising the broadcast tier from $10 to $15 based on higher retransmission fees from locals. Some subscribers in Atlanta have been notified, but a universal local channel increase has not been  confirmed. The Atlanta new prices have been obtained.