by Beth Bondurant
A young teenage girl bearing the Christ child in a stable among the animals and the hay. An older man given responsibility for this child 'laid in a manger' with a calling that exceeded the boundary of human possibility.
  The angels appearance out in the hills to proclaim the birth of God's unconditional love for all.   The steady light of the star bringing nations and peoples together in love and commitment.   "Mary said...'Here am I, the servant of the Lord, let it be with me according to your word'... for NOTHING will be impossible with God."   The wonder of a mammoth pile of presents and food... to be distributed to unknown faces with a diversity of needs.   The constant flow of care in cards... monetary gifts... visits... prayers and faithful witness.   The coming and going with patience and peace... forgiveness and healing.   The light in the darkness.    The hope in the pain.    The goodness that prevails.    The remorse in the reconciliation.   O God, let it be as you have said. We move ever so slowly... yet ever so constantly toward the light of love.  Help us on this last week of preparation keep the flicker of steady goodness and mercy ever shining within our heart, mind, body and spirit. Renew our strength with every step and inspire our faith to believe that nothing... NO NOTHING is impossible when it comes to your love ... your joy... your peace... your grace.  Like Mary... Joseph... the shepherds ... the kings... those who come in contact daily with divine intervention... open us wide to the sound and meaning and consequences of Christmas and O Lord... LET IT BE!!
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