Huntington Woman and Husband Wow with Trapeze Talent

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Huntington Woman and Husband Wow with Trapeze Talent

 Huntington's Mary Wolfe and her husband Tyce ignite the premiere spin off episode of America's Got Talent The Champions which airs Monday, Jan 6 @ 8 p.m. on WSAZ. 

Mary, Kim, Debbie and more "Wolfs" are known to Tri State residents having careers in law enforcement, acting, acrobatics. politics, and care givers. 

Debbie Wolfe shared this short auto-biographical message from Mary when she babysit during the show's taping in Los Angeles. 

In preparation for Monday's AGT The Champions Premiere, I want to share an Instagram post Mary shared a couple of days ago, for those of you who are dinosaurs like me and don't do a lot of Instagram! This from Mary:

"Long post, please read till the end because I want to make a point that life isn’t always great and perfect. The past 10 years for us have been the best of my life by far. 2010 I got a job as a high diver and I met Tyce for the 1st time. 2011 got married. 2012 first professional contract as an aerialist. 2013 first professional trapeze contract. 2014 got an amazing gig in Hawaii. 2015 got pregnant in   2016 we had Jaxx and bought a house, did our first skating contract in Germany.2017 first contract with cirque du soleil. 2018 auditioned for AGT. 2019 we were invited and accepted to compete on AGT champions. We are beyond blessed.

Now flash back to before 2010. I left home and moved out west & knew no one, missed my family. Was going to school but struggling to pay rent & tuition even with a partial scholarship, school is just expensive in the USA. If I moved back home I could have stayed in school but I had a feeling that I was meant to be out west, I had to drop out of school. I fell in love, had a terrible breakup and I was more depressed than I have ever been in my life. I felt very alone, very lost, I had no idea what to do with my life. If I had 5 dollars to spend a day I was lucky. Sometimes I didn’t have money for food. Now I know all of these issues are 1st world problems, I had a loving wonderful family back in WV and I could have gone back home at any time. I just want you guys to know that if you are struggling, things truly can get better, you never know what the future holds.

By chance I saw a job posting for cliff divers, I was never an acrobat, but the job paid more than any other job I was qualified for, I was actually terrified of doing flips off a high cliff but I made myself do it and was able to fake my way into getting the job and then kept learning. I met Tyce and I can’t believe what my life has evolved into.

Honestly I’m just a hillbilly from West Virginia, if someone would have told me when I was a kid that I’d end up working for cirque du soleil I wouldn’t have believed you. Life is full of surprises. Please don’t give up, keep pushing, you never know what will happen." #life #2020 #family #agt #duotranscend #nevergiveupHawaii