Huntington Historic Theater, Arts Group Need Help for Roof

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Huntington Historic Theater, Arts Group Need Help for Roof

Most articles about historic Huntington theaters focus on one --- the Keith Albee. However, two remain downtown , though not as spectacular as the Keith.

The Palace used to be the venue where Walt Disney movies played. Usherettes had slick uniforms. The screen set back from the audience with a slight curve.

When John Goodno sold The Palace and Super 52 Auto Theatre to the Hyman family, they remodeled it. Camelot Playhouse opened with the area premiere of "Love Story." 

The Camelot closed three weeks before the Keith stopped showng movies. They fell to competition at the new 16 screen complex in Pullman Square. 

The Hyman family operated the Orpheum/Cinema for about a year as a second run, art and speciality house, including a weekly interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show performance.

Huntington Historic Theater, Arts Group Need Help for Roof

The Cinema now holds church services.

The Camelot 14  years ago became a performing center.  

Jessica Fox wrote on Facebook:

Huntington Historic Theater, Arts Group Need Help for Roof

"After spending the last several years raising funds to fix the roof, AND completing a roof restoration in 2019 it was a HUGE shock to walk into the building today and hear rain literally falling from almost every room despite the new roof

It was even more of a shock to discover that it seems to be the act of vandalism. We would love with all our hearts to believe that something else caused this giant mess, but there is just no good reason for less than one year old silicone to be sliced like it is! (see photos)


Of course we are feeling many different things right now...heartbroken, sadness, anger...all of it. We're also feeling hope that this is supposed to point us towards a direction that we never would have discovered. (What's that about hard times making you stronger??...we are having a tough time remembering it right now!)

At any rate, we say all this because we are supposed to be opening for business on less that 48 hours! And after our Director spent an exhausting day filing a police report, doing clean up, and filing an insurance is clear that the space is in no condition to be open for business.

Currently, Jessica Lynn Fox said classes are being held at the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church and two rooms of the Fourth Avenue arts facility. Ms. Fox did not have an estimate on the time it will take to repair the roof and interior damage.

 You wanna know the silver lining? This coming session is our BIGGEST yet! We will be serving amazing kids, teaching wonderful families, and sharing SO MANY things! If anyone knows of a space that could temporarily house us until we can get our "home" back in working order we would be eternally grateful! #muchloveandlight #community #thankyou