Heart Health Focus of Inaugural Walk

Huntington -  In an effort to promote fitness, and community, the Marshall University Exercise Science Department will host the inaugural Sweat-Heart Couples’ Walk.

The Walk will take place Friday from noon until 2 p.m. at Ritter Park, weather permitting. However, couples can participate remotely by:

·         Using any fitness app or tracker to track step count (for example, a Fitbit or Apple Health App).

·         Taking a screenshot of the step count of each partner.

·         E-mailing both screenshots of the step counts to MUEPL@​marshall.​edu.​

Participants without a romantic partner can also participate by teaming up with another person and submitting step counts together.

The couple with the most steps will win two free exercise tests – a $230.​00 value. Each partner in the winning couple will receive a free Resting Metabolic Rate and Body Composition test from the Exercise Physiology Lab at Marshall University.

These tests show the number of calories the body burns in a day, and a person’s body fat percentage.

Marshall is part of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Exercise is Medicine initiative, an effort to increase physical activity participation and classify activity as a vital sign to health. This event was created as part of the initiative, as a way to encourage people to be active while spending quality time with their partners.

To register and receive announcements about the Sweat-Heart Couples’ Walk, please contact Marshall’s exercise physiology lab by e-mail at MUEPL@​marshall.​edu.​

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