Huntington Child Care Worker Under COVID-19 Investigation

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

The Cabell and Putnam County Health departments are investigating a confirmed case of COVID 19 by an employee of Sarah's Day Care in Teays Valley.  The individual also worked at the Huntington location of Sarah's located in a portion of a church on W. Tenth St.

According to WSAZ, the Putnam County Health Department released a statement Monday afternoon stating they are in the exposure investigation phase of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Sarah's Heart Child Care in Teays Valley.

Both locations are now closed. 

The Cabel Huntington Health Dept. explained in a statement:

 "The process involves communication among the involved health departments and direct interviews with the individuals confirmed to have the disease. Once people are identified as having enough contact to place them at risk, those people are also contacted by the health departments and advised how to monitor their health and how to quarantine themselves if necessary.

Households, agencies, or businesses that are impacted by risk from potential exposure are advised how to proceed - whether to isolate or distance themselves, exclude workers, how to specifically disinfect, when excluded persons can resume close contact or return to work, and other means of mitigating risks and assuring appropriate care of affected individuals, all based on the specific risks identified in the investigation. These specific recommendations are made by the health department to the responsible parties involved. In the mentioned instance, it is our understanding that these steps have occurred."

They day care employee last worked March 9. 

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