Univ. of Washington Projects COVID 19 deaths into August; US Peak April 16

Updated 25 weeks ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

One study by the University of Washington and partially funded by the Bill Gates Foundation projects thae U.S. will reach a peak of over 2600 deaths in one day on April 16. The projection has a total of 93,500 deaths nationwide by Aug. 1. It assumes a ventilator shortage of over 31,000; a shortage of over 87,500 of which 20,000 are in the ICU units.

The projections include all 50 states. 

WV , apparently due to its unique geography and social distancing, has continued to compile a small listing of deaths. The U of Washington predicts the Mountain State will on May 1 hit a peak of 15 deaths , totaling 487 by Aug.  https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections

Kentucky will record 15 deaths  on May 13, totalling 821 by August. 

What about states without distancing and/or travel restrictions?

South Carolina 31 deaths (April 28) and total of 1,095 by August. 

North Darkoa 6 Deaths on April 26; total of 169 by Aug 4. 

Nebraska which allows "eat in" at rural restaurants with ten or fewer customers can expect 15 on April 23 and a total of 447.

Iowa 49 deaths May 1; total 1,488.

Wyoming 4( April 28),total 140.



















Ohio will record a peak of 69 deaths on April 19 for an eventual total of 1,898. 




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