by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

One study by the University of Washington and partially funded by the Bill Gates Foundation projects thae U.S. will reach a peak of over 2600 deaths in one day on April 16. The projection has a total of 93,500 deaths nationwide by Aug. 1. It assumes a ventilator shortage of over 31,000; a shortage of over 87,500 of which 20,000 are in the ICU units.

The projections include all 50 states. 

WV , apparently due to its unique geography and social distancing, has continued to compile a small listing of deaths. The U of Washington predicts the Mountain State will on May 1 hit a peak of 15 deaths , totaling 487 by Aug.

Kentucky will record 15 deaths  on May 13, totalling 821 by August. 

What about states without distancing and/or travel restrictions?

South Carolina 31 deaths (April 28) and total of 1,095 by August. 

North Darkoa 6 Deaths on April 26; total of 169 by Aug 4. 

Nebraska which allows "eat in" at rural restaurants with ten or fewer customers can expect 15 on April 23 and a total of 447.

Iowa 49 deaths May 1; total 1,488.

Wyoming 4( April 28),total 140.



















Ohio will record a peak of 69 deaths on April 19 for an eventual total of 1,898.