Paul Calls Restoration of Freedom Key to Future Prosperity

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Paul Calls Restoration of Freedom Key to Future Prosperity

LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS. (HNN) – Texas Congressman Ron Paul known for his conservative and libertarian perspectives and strong grassroots support won the Conservative Political Action Conference presidential poll.

After receiving word of winning the 2011 Presidential Preference Straw Poll at the CPC Conference in Washington, Congressman Ron Paul issued the following statement:

“I am honored by the outpouring of support that I received in winning the CPAC Straw Poll.  Events like this energize me and give me tremendous incentive to keep up the fight for Liberty and our Constitution.

“This win is bigger than just me, it is about the message of Liberty that resonates with so many across the country. Young people in particular, who participated so strongly in this poll, understand that restoring our Freedom is the key to our future prosperity. I remain optimistic that our message will spread and help the next generation recapture the wonderful traditions that made America the greatest nation in human history.”

CPAC is considered the largest and most important gathering of Conservatives in the U.S. Dr. Paul won with 30% of the 3,742 votes cast. Mitt Romney came in second with 23%. No one else exceeded 6% in the polling.

As for a misspeaking, perhaps, Donald Trump should be slipped in beside Sarah Palin. He spoke at the CPAC too and , in a roomfull of Paul supporters, stated, "I like Ron Paul, I think he's a good guy, but honestly he just has zero chance of getting elected."

Did the Donald misread the audience, or, did he purposefully want them to remember his appearance?