Guest Commentary-There should be lawsuits piling up all over the state

Lance E. Schultz
There should be lawsuits piling up all over the state. The Pharaohs of Charleston are now violating the 'Rule-of-Law' and defying the 'Will-of-the-People' with impunity. Their collective abuse of power is now deafening.

According to the West Virginia Constitution, Senate President Acting as Governor Earl Ray Tomblin deliberately and ...consciously "abandoned" his position as the elected representative of his district when intentionally relocating his family to the Governor's Mansion from their residence in Logan county. The West Virginia Constitution is as clear on this matter as it was on the special election. His only claim to the temporary position of acting governor singularly rests with the "elected" position he has now Constitutionally and irrevocably abandoned by virtue of his decision to physically "move" his family outside of the political boundaries and jurisdiction of his "elected" office which is a clear violation of law and grounds for immediate "dismissal" on the basis of "abandonment." There exists a strong and credible case against this raging narcissistic display to remove this career politician from office altogether. Not too mention he should be forced to "reimburse" the People of West Virginia for his blind reckless personal ambition changing the name on any reference to the word 'governor' in the State of West Virginia. A very real, very expensive and VERY wrong proposition specifically outside the purview and boundaries of his "elected" authority. Such brazen displays of improper behavior and lack of judgment do not go unnoticed and should be immediately held to account to the, 'Rule-of-Law.'

Likewise, Natalie Tennant's abuse of the "privileges" of office are a clear affront to the West Virginia Constitution and a clear affront to human reason. She should be enjoined from abusing the power's of her office for personal political gain. Senator Jeff Kessler is unilaterally declaring himself King and choosing to abide by newly revised Senate rules governing his own compensation instead of the West Virginia State code. A serious oversight to be able to "get by" with impunity. The Judge Vinson verdict/decision has awarded the People of West Virginia (and many other states) with the greatest lawsuit in the history of the state towards rightly declaring Obamacare as wholly "Unconstitutional" on its face and which does not require, whatsoever, the West Virginia Attorney General, the West Virginia Legislature or the Governor to "intervene" on behalf of the People to immediately file suit to BLOCK and PREVENT Insurance Commissioner Jane Cline and the DHHR from the "implementation" and "installation" of the heinous "Unconstitutional" bureaucracy of Obamacare. 69% of all West Virginian's are vehemently opposed to Obamacare in any form whatsoever. The clock is ticking. It's high time We-The-People banded together to exercise our Constitutionally protected right to hold these "elected" officials (employees) accountable for their actions in violation of their employers expectations.