HEALTH: An Open Challenge to Debate Any Scientist or Doctor on the Merits of HCQ for the Treatment and Prevention of CoVid

I have been trying to do this since March and have ramped it up hard in the last week, I have had no takers on this issue.  I am open to other points of debate but specifically here are 9 points of debate I want to have with any professional about hydroxychloroquine, (hereafter referred to as HCQ in this article) as it relates to CoVid and the prevention and treatment of it.

1. HCQ is safe and the claim it should only be used in a hospital is a blatant lie
2. HCQ is a zinc ionophore which means it gets zinc inside of human cells and this is known science
3. Zinc in the human cell disrupts viral replication of mRNA replicating viruses and this is known science
4. No RCT has included zinc as of 7-31-20
5. All negative RCTs overdosed patients and did not include zinc, most were in late stages of the illness when the lungs were already severely damaged
6. There are multiple positive studies that counter the negative studies
7. The existing studies are so flawed that it at least appears intentional (over dosing, late stage use and the omission of a critical component of care)
8. There is ample evidence to support the use of HCQ for covid treatment and prevention
9. Doctors should not be banned from prescribing HCQ for any use they feel would be of benefit to a patient


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