Family Creates 'Surviving Quarantine' Card Game to Bring Humor to the Pandemic

Family Creates 'Surviving Quarantine' Card Game to Bring Humor to the Pandemic

What were some of the crazy and insane things that you saw during the last few months? Well, a family took all those things and put them in a game.

It’s called Surviving Quarantine, a new crazy and funny, pandemic-themed card game created by a family of six.

It's live on Kickstarter right here if you want to see some of the cards.

Looking at the cards, the game is essentially a play on the madness of the pandemic.

“We saw all the things that were happening, all the hoarding that was going on, it was basically a cartoon,” Dallas Brown said.

The rules are simple: avoid the viruses, use vaccines, antidote and other cards to protect yourself from other players and survive another round.

Some of the vaccine cards feature well-known hoarding from the last few months…a hand sanitizer shower, toilet paper armor or a water bottle fort.

“There’s a man in a fortress of water bottles and that’s what will keep him safe,” said his wife, Nicole.

“We feel like that’s what people must have thought with all of this water bottle collecting and toilet paper hoarding, that it was going to keep them safe somehow, because otherwise, why?”

The game also comes with ‘bailout’ cards, laser sharks, and even an ‘anti-vaxxer’ card which requires the player to return all vaccine cards to the deck.

A few months before the pandemic hit, Dallas had a partnership that built an app that would help families find activities and have fun , but when the pandemic hit it all came to a screeching halt.

“The business wasn’t able to launch like we wanted and COVID hit so we were just kind of stuck at home,” said Dallas.

“We decided we wanted to bring some humor to the situation for our kids and that’s when we came up with Surviving Quarantine.”

Creating cards and drawing prototypes quickly became a family activity. But what started as a way to help the Browns ‘Survive Quarantine’ turned into a teaching moment.

“At first we were trying to keep everything away from the kids, because food shortages and running out of supplies in our local stores, things like that – people dying, this is such a horrible situation that no one wants to live through,” Nicole explained.

“Then it’s like, how can we bring it in and make it on their level where they can understand it and not scare them and still be aware of what’s happening?”

When they saw other friends and families wanted to get a hold of the game, they decided it might be something everyone might want.

Surviving Quarantine is live on Kickstarter where you can some of the funny cards and the game and get your own copy.