Marshall Student Receives Pixie Annimation Awards

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Marshall Student Receives Pixie Annimation Awards
HUNTINGTON, W.Va.– Patrick Eason, a senior graphic design major in Marshall University’s College of Fine Arts, received four Pixie Awards for work he did at his internship at Rainmaker Inc., a public relations and advertising firm located in Charleston, W.Va.

The Pixie Awards, sponsored by the American Pixel Academy, honor outstanding work in animation, effects and motion graphics.There were 750 entries from all over the United States and Canada. Rainmaker Inc. was one of only three groups who won four awards, two of which were Pixie Platinum Awards, the highest level.

“The work I did for these was the 3D animation,” Eason said. “We had submitted four spots … two of which involved 3D models. Those two that involved models I handled fully, from motionography to animation. In addition, I created the logo animation at the end of each of the four spots.”

Nancy Geletko, creative director at Rainmaker, said she was impressed with Eason’s work ethic.

“I have been in this business for 30 years and frankly, Patrick is one of the most talented young students I have ever had the chance to work with,” Geletko said. “I was going another route with video and he walked into my office and asked if he could try animation, and that impressed me, so I said, ‘Give it a shot.’ He was working day and night.”

“As a student and intern, this is a great achievement for Patrick,” Geletko said.

Mary Grassell, graphic design professor at Marshall University, said while she was impressed with Eason’s awards, she wasn’t surprised, due to his strong graphic design skills.

“We are proud of Patrick in the graphics department,” Grassell said. “He has been an excellent student.”

Eason said he will be staying at Rainmaker to help better his skills, but this experience has given him even more opportunities.

“Since I’ve won the awards my site has garnered a huge burst of traffic and even David Carter, world renowned graphic designer, has emailed me in response to the post I made about it and offered for me to come meet him in New York,” Eason said.

Geletko said Rainmaker Inc. is the only West Virginia-based firm to win a Pixie Award.

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