Nuclear Fraud RICO Class Action Filed in Columbus Federal Court Regarding Alleged Radiation Contamination involving Scioto, Pike and other Counties

by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Nuclear Fraud RICO Class Action Filed in Columbus Federal Court Regarding Alleged Radiation Contamination involving Scioto, Pike and other Counties

A multiple RICO class action involving cover ups at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant and Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant has been filed by counsel in the Ohio Southern District Federal Court in Columbus, Ohio. According to one of the lead plaintiffs, Jeff Walburn, the complaint incorporates new investigation of a "cold case" fire which has now been labeled arson. The complaint alleges contamination impacting beyond Pike and Scioto Counties and misuse of nuclear materials received from Russia, said Walburn. 

"Defendants acted deliberately to; cover up the human health and environmental impact of operations at PORTS, the spiking of the processing plant with Russian
plutonium and other transuranics (under the guise of downgrading and non-proliferation), the likely arson designed to destroy evidence of criminality, and the illegal shipment and diversion of SNM (Special Nuclear Materials). Defendants persist in spreading false information to the public regarding the health risks present in their community. The threat continues and remains," the lengthy complaint with a large amount of exhibits alleges. 

Walburn and Charles Lawson, two former guards at the plant, are associated with the case. (See Huntington Pilot Plant series )

Both encountered retailation as whistle blowers. As the RICO conduct occurred in "this jurisdiction" and "elsewhere throughout the United States," it is significant that Lawson received a threat specifically mentioning the late Karen Silkwood:  "... We made Karen Silkwood disappear and we are going to make you disappear. And that red Chevy Astrovan, that your wife takes your children to school in, she is going to go out and turn the key and it’s going to go boom.”

Named as defendants Centrus Energy Corp., United States Enrichment Corp., Lockheed Mertain Corp., Uranium Disposition Services, LLC,  BWXT Conversion Services, LATA/Parallax Portsmouth, Fluor Bwxt Portsmouth LLC, and others. 

 Among Proposed "classes" include property owners (within 50 miles of PGDP), all workers in schools and correctional facilities as well as students and inmates, and all residents and former residents with more than one years residence within 25 miles of PGDP, and spouses, and descendants, to four generations, of current and former workers at PORTS.

"The DOE has failed to notify local authorities or the public of similar contamination detected 15 miles from PORTS affecting Valley Local School District, Northwest Local School District, the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility and surrounding communities. A similar pattern has been taking place in McCracken County, Kentucky at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Facility," the complaint states. (p. 14)

Walburn, et. al v. Centrusus Energy, et al.  20:-cv-4621 names Nathan Hunter (Hunter & Hunter) as trial attorney, as well as attorneys Dick Collins (Collins & Truett Law Firm, Doral , Florida) and Tim Howard (Howard & Associates PA, Tallahassee).

Content will be updated. Complaint and exhibits available on Pacer.  Click link below to read full complaint. 



  1. Complaint (1.35 MB)
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