PAC Chairman Wrote $20K in Bad Checks to Vendors of Shuttered Business

Lawrence J. Smith

Records show the founder and chairman of a Huntington-based political action committee was charged with passing worthless checks in Kentucky nearly a decade ago.

Launched in May, Stand Up for West Virginia bills itself as “a registered Political Action Committee dedicated to improving the prosperity, life and liberties of West Virginians.”  Though “not party specific,” SUWV’s agenda includes support of multiple initiatives including “public safety improvements, building inclusive and sustainable communities, planning for long-term growth and renewal and increasing economic mobility of individuals and families.

SUWV’s Website identifies only one person associated with it – Michael Dillon as chairman, and located on Miller Rd.  On the main page containing stock photos of the capitol dome a quote from Dillon reads “From a ragged and torn landscape, we have built a culture of helping one another.  We must now stand up for ourselves and our future.”

Eight years prior to launching SUWV, Dillion was indicted by a Boyd County grand jury on seven counts of theft by deception including cold checks. According to court records, Dillon either wrote checks with insufficient funds or from a closed account to local businesses, and food and beverage distributors.

The indictment returned on June 12, 2012 accused Dillon of writing worthless checks totaling $20.058.77 from March 21 through May 9 with half to People’s Bank.  Also, Dillon wrote $2,229.29 in bad checks to Triple Z Properties, Dick and Sons Pluming and Food Fair with an additional $8,213 to Brown Food Service, Pepsi Cola and Sysco from “a non-existent account”

At the time, Dillion owned a business called Luckys Foods LLC on U.S. 60 in Ashland.  In September 2013, Luckys was dissolved by the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office after Dillion failed to file an annual report.  

According to court records, Boyd Circuit Judge Michael Hagerman dismissed the case on May 23, 2013 after placing Dillon on diversion for five years. Also, he ordered the $22,000 cash-only bond posted for Dillon following his arrest the previous year to be applied as restitution.

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