Mayor: Huntington Political Vehicle Parades Require Permits

The City of Huntington has received inquiries regarding statements on social media that Mayor Williams issued directives to the Huntington Police Department to prohibit an upcoming political vehicle parade. This is not true.
Earlier this fall, the organizers of a political vehicle parade contacted the Mayor's Office about the requirements to receive police assistance for their event. When they were forwarded the requirements, they declined to apply for a permit. At that time, the chief of police made the decision to provide police assistance for that event anyway out of the interest of public safety.   Subsequent political vehicle parades occurred without any notification to the Mayor's Office or the Huntington Police Department. The events placed a strain on law enforcement in its ongoing effort to police the city.     As a result of these subsequent, unannounced events, the chief of police informed the organizers that any further police assistance would require the appropriate event permit, just like any other public event seeking police assistance is required to do in the City of Huntington.     The chief of police also notified the organizers that if they chose to not acquire an event permit, the Huntington Police Department would cite participants if they violated any traffic laws during any future political vehicle parades.     The purpose of an event permit is to give the Huntington Police Department proper notification so that it can allocate the appropriate resources to an event and also have the appropriate resources to continue policing the city. Any unannounced activity that does not go through the permit process places a strain on the Huntington Police Department in its ability to protect the city.     It should be noted that no permit request for any political vehicle parade has been submitted to the Mayor's Office for approval, nor has Mayor Williams given any directive to prohibit them