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Marshall University Introduces Huff as New Head Football Coach

Huntington- Marshall University introduced Charles C. Huff on Tuesday as its 31st  head football coach.

In addressing reporters online and a virtual audience of several thousand people via a livestream, Huff, 37, opened his remarks by thanking Marshall University President Jerome Gilbert, Athletic Director Mike Hamrick, the university’s Board of Governors, the search committee and “everybody who bleeds green” for his giving him his first stint as a head coach.

“Everyone should take the attitude we are working to build a champion,” Huff said. “We aren’t working on championships or a certain game; we are working to be a champion."

"My mission statement is to create an environment and atmosphere to build the best person, then student, and then player. We want every student-athlete to have better success in life because they were part of this program,” he added. 

Gilbert welcomed Huff to Huntington, saying he was proud to have Huff and his family as part of the Marshall family. 

“We all know that Herd football is about greatness and success,” Gilbert said. “It is about tragedy and success, and the 75 and the young Thundering Herd. We welcome Coach Huff to begin this next chapter in our rich history—the Huff era.”

During an emergency meeting Monday, the Board voted unanimously with one abstention to approve the recommendation of its Athletics Committee to hire the Denton, Md.-native as head coach.  Chairman Patrick Farrell refused to answer questions, including the terms of Huff's contract, referring any to Gilbert. 

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Athletics Department disclosed a three-year deal with Huff receiving a base salary of $350,000 plus an additional $405,500 for weekly appearances on radio and television shows during the season, and for Big Green Scholarship fundraisers. The contact includes other allowances, and incentives including a $1 million bonus for winning a national championship. 



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