Cabell Schools, Public Library Partnership Offers Students Opportunity to “Unlock Your Potential”

Cabell Schools, Public Library Partnership Offers Students Opportunity to “Unlock Your Potential”

Cabell County Schools is pleased to announce the district is partnering with the Cabell County Public Library in a districtwide campaign designed to provide every middle school and high school student with a library card.

The “Unlock Your Potential” campaign, officially launched Tuesday at the regular meeting of the Cabell County Board of Education, will also allow Cabell County Schools students and staff access to the library’s vast learning and enrichment resources. Students and teachers will be able to digitally register for a library card.

Schools will be providing directions for how to register in the coming days. Once registered, library cards can be used to access numerous scholarly databases and to virtually “borrow” text and audio books from the library through the Libby and Hoopla apps.

In addition, the library is also providing Cabell County students free access to, a website that offers virtual tutoring during after-school hours.

“We are encouraging all of our students to register for a library card so they can benefit from the tremendous, free resources the library has to offer,” says Hunter Roush, Cabell County Schools Academic Specialist, in a press release. “Reading for pleasure relieves stress, expands vocabulary, develops empathy, and sharpens critical thinking skills. Our hope is that, with experience, our students will seek out books and other resources that align with their interests and help develop a lifelong passion for reading.”

Teachers will receive professional development on the library’s scholarly databases as well as special library card perks for educators. CCPL staff will conduct learning sessions for teachers and students related to library services.

In conjunction with these learning sessions, Cabell County Schools academic specialists will promote literacy strategy by offering their own professional development sessions to support reading instruction at the secondary level.