PSC Orders Electric Companies to Improve Reliability

Charleston – The Public Service Commission has issued an Order directing Appalachian Power Company, Wheeling Power Company, Monongahela Power Company and Potomac Edison Company to improve both their System Average Interruption Frequency Index and Customer Average Interruption Duration Index each by 5%.  The Companies had requested to maintain their Reliability Index Targets at the same level they had been for the last eight years.


“These Targets are intended to improve electric reliability,” said PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane.  “The Companies should strive to meet these new Targets, seeking innovative ways to provide greater electric reliability for their customers.  The improvement levels set by this Order are a step in the right direction to focus the Companies’ attention on achieving better levels of reliability, particularly for the worst performing circuits on the system.”


The Companies were directed to file petitions for reevaluation of the new targets by May 1, 2024, and to propose new reasonably achievable improvement reliability targets to set standards for fewer average outages per year and shorter outage durations.


Additional information, including the Final Order, is available on the Commission website: by referencing Case Nos. 20-0357-E-PC and 20-0368-E-PC.