Cabell Board Seeking Applicants for Vacant Seat

The Cabell County Board of Education is seeking applicants for a vacancy created by the resignation of Dr. Carole Garrison, effective Wednesday.

The successful candidate will be appointed by the Board to serve the remainder of Dr. Garrison’s unexpired term, which ends June 30, 2022.

Individuals who wish to be considered for appointment to the vacant seat should submit a notice of interest, in writing, to Superintendent Ryan Saxe by 4:00 PM Thursday, April 8. Notices may be hand-delivered to the Superintendent’s Office (located at the address below), emailed to, or sent via postal mail to the address below:

Superintendent Ryan Saxe
Cabell County Schools
2850 5th Avenue
Huntington, West Virginia 25702

If you email your notice, you should receive an email response from the Superintendent confirming its receipt. If you do not, please contact the Superintendent’s Office by calling (304) 528-5043. All notices of interest, including those hand-delivered, emailed, or sent via postal mail, must be received by the Superintendent by 4:00 PM Thursday, April 8 or they will not be reviewed.

In accordance with Policy 0145, the Board may interview all interested candidates to ascertain their qualifications. Appointment by the Board to fill a vacancy shall be by majority vote of the remaining members of the Board.

To be considered for appointment, candidates must maintain a permanent residence in one of the following Cabell County magisterial districts:

  • District 1
  • District 2
  • District 3
  • District 5

Applicants living in District 4 will not be considered because there are currently two Board members seated from District 4, the maximum allowed by Policy 0141. If you have questions about magisterial districts, please contact the Cabell County Clerk’s Office at (304) 526-8625.

According to Board Policy 0142, each member of the Board shall meet the qualifications specified by law and State Board policy, including the following:

  1. Must be a citizen, resident in the county.
  2. Cannot hold the position as a teacher or service personnel in the District.
  3. Cannot hold another public office or be a member of any political party executive committee or become a candidate for any other public office other than member of the Board of Education. A candidate for Board, who is not currently serving on the Board, may hold another public office while a candidate if he or she resigns from the other public office prior to taking the oath of office as a Board member. The term "public office" as used in this bylaw does not include service on any other board, elected or appointed, profit or nonprofit, provided the person does not receive compensation and the primary scope of the Board is not related to public schools.
  4. Cannot become a candidate for, or serve as, a delegate, alternate or proxy at a national political party convention.
  5. Cannot solicit or receive political contributions to support the election of, or to retire the campaign debt of, any candidate for partisan office.
  6. May engage in any or all the following political activities:
    1. make campaign contributions to partisan or bi-partisan candidates
    2. attend political fund-raisers for partisan or bi-partisan candidates
    3. serve as an unpaid volunteer on a partisan campaign
    4. Politically endorse any candidate in a partisan or bi-partisan election
    5. attend a county, State, or national political party convention 
  7. Must possess at least a high school diploma or a GED/TASC diploma. This shall not apply to any member of the Board who took office prior to May 5, 1992 and has served continuously since that date.
  8. Upon election to the Board, may not assume the duties of a Board member unless he or she has completed a course of orientation, as set forth hereinbelow. This shall not apply to any member of the Board who took office prior to July 1, 1988 and has served continuously since.
  9. Upon assuming membership to the Board, must annually receive seven (7) clock hours of training, as provided in WV Code 18-5-1a(f).

For more information about submitting notices of interest, please contact the Superintendent’s Office by calling (304) 528-5043.