Fourteen Seek to Fill Vacant Board of Education Seat

Lawrence J. Smith

Over a dozen people have expressed an interest in filling a vacant seat on the Cabell County Board of Education.

Sixteen people filed a notice of interest Thursday to fill the vacancy of Dr. Carole Garrison.  Fourteen - Keith E. Adkins, Dr. Eric Blough, Melissa C. Collins, Judith Deutsch, Carl Eastham, Lauren Hensley, Cynthia Jeffords, Cassie Miller, Samuel R. Moore, Karen Nance, Josh Pauley, Charles D. Shaw, Dr. Ashley Stephens, Richard Yocke - will be interviewed by the Board at a special meeting Tuesday.

Two other candidates who filed a notice of interest- Allan Kaplan and Clara Alice Wilson - are ineligible for consideration as they live in District 4.  Under the Board's Policy, no more than two board members from the same district may serve at the same time. 

In order to retain the seat, the appointee will have to successful run in the May 2022 primary.