City of Huntington Releases Spring 2021 Paving List

The City of Huntington fiscal year 2022 budget the council approved last month includes $1.6 million for paving. Here are the paving projects that will be completed this spring:

The paving list for this spring includes 40 individual paving projects totaling 6.3 miles. After spring paving is completed, the City of Huntington will have paved 51.79 miles of roads totaling $14,466,255 since 2014.   City Council District 1 -- Chase Street from 3899 to 3921 Chase -- Van Sant Street from 4024 Van Sant to intersection City Council District 2 -- 2nd Street West from Washington to Adams avenues -- 27th Street West from 5th to 6th avenues -- Monroe Avenue from West 14th to West 15th streets -- 13th Street West from Washington to Adams avenues City Council District 3 -- 7th Avenue from 13th to 16th streets -- 6th Avenue from 7th to 8th streets City Council District 4 -- Greenridge Drive from 7 Greenridge to top of hill -- Sunset Drive from Beechwood Drive to the “Y” split -- North Altamont Road from Beechwood Drive to blacktop -- East Road from James River Road to end City Council District 5 -- 10th Avenue from Hal Greer Boulevard to 17th Street -- 20th Street from 8th to 12th avenues City Council District 6 -- McCoy Road from Summit Drive to Shockey Drive -- Roland Park Drive from Midvale Drive to 76 Marne Drive -- Mayfair Way from Stamford Park Drive to 60 Mayfair -- South Queens Court from Midvale Drive to dead end -- Ridgewood Road from Summit Drive to Fern Street -- Holderby Road from new pavement to 1698 Holderby -- Perry Avenue from Bethel Road to Norwood Road -- Forest Road from 501 Forest to 507 Forest -- Bayberry Drive from Kennon Lane to end -- East Inwood Drive from intersection to McCoy Road -- Enslow Avenue from Forest Lawn Cemetery to brick section City Council District 7 -- 27th Street from 8th Avenue to 28th Street -- 9th Avenue from 27th to 28th streets -- Perry Road from Perry Street to Maupin Road -- Grace Street from Norway Avenue to Oakland Avenue -- North Queens Court from Lower Terrace to end -- North Queens Court from Norway Avenue to end -- Locust Street from Lower Terrace to Norway Avenue -- Lower Terrace from Forest Road to Locust Street -- 25th Street from Davis Street to 8th Avenue -- Lower Union Street from 26th Street to end -- Willoughby Avenue from 1 Willoughby to 16 Willoughby City Council District 8 -- 26th Street from 5th to Collis avenues -- All of Willard Court

City Council District 9

-- Main Street from 401 Main to 524 Main

-- Main Street from 550 Main to floodwall entrance

Paving in Huntington usually occurs in the fall and spring.

This past fall, paving projects totaling 4.04 miles that cost $950,000 were completed. This spring, approximately $1.15 million in paving projects will be completed, bringing the 2021 fiscal year total spending on paving to $2.1 million.

City Council members solicit paving requests from constituents and submit their lists to the City of Huntington’s Public Works Department. The requests are reviewed with the West Virginia Division of Highways on a number of factors, including traffic volume and road conditions.