The USEC Conspiracy - Nuclear Whistleblowers & Investigators EXPOSE deaths and cancers


Nuclear Whistleblowers Jeff Walburn, Charles "Chick" Lawson, and Gary Vander Boegh expose the decades-long conspiracy at the Paducah and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plants to frauduently hide Plutonium, Neptunium and other transuranics at the uranium enrichment facilities. Countless workers and citizens have died, contracted cancer, been born with radiation-induced mutations due to the activities at these plants. It is all laid on the table here.

However, this nuclear contamination factor extended beyond the Portsmouth, Paducah, and Oak Ridge Plants. Huntington Alloys (INCO) has a specific structure in the early 50s to 1979 referred to as the Huntington Pilot Plant. It was a Department of Energy facility, which did radioactive chemical work connected to the Gaseous Diffusion Plants. 

The tape at 47:10 begins a discussion of the Huntington Plant (HPP), which was razed in 1979 . The most highly contaminated waste had to be transported to Piketon for burial in a classified land fill. An excerpt from that portion states:

" ...    Pilot Plant Huntington , WV. INCO [itself] was a nickel processing plant; they made nickel used in restaurants or used it on car bumpers... [Huntington found that had " a high content of nickel" in  "thousands" 55 gallon drums but radioactive materials remained in fuel. Huntington Alloys through the HPP "recycled "barrier materials" (spent fuel) which still contained uranium , plutonium , and other radioactive materials.