May 12 Huntington Police Dept. Incident Report

The Huntington Police Department released the following information on recent incidents:

HPD21-02125 05/12/2021 Stolen Auto/Auto Theft Open
CCSOj21-0729 05/12/2021   Open
VHPD21-02122 05/12/2021 Possession with Intent / Delivery of a Controlled Substance Open
VHPD21-02123 05/12/2021 Persons prohibited from possessing firearms - Felony Open
MPD21-0170 05/12/2021   Open
VHPD21-02124 05/12/2021 Possession of a Controlled Substance; Possession with Intent / Delivery of a Controlled Substance Closed
HPD21-02121 05/12/2021 Shoplifting Closed
HPD21-02119 05/12/2021 Found Property Open
HPD21-02118 05/12/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-02117 05/12/2021 Petit Larceny Open
MPD21-0169 05/12/2021   Open
HPD21-02120 05/12/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-02114 05/12/2021 Grand Larceny Open
HPD21-02116 05/12/2021 information report Open
HPD21-02113 05/12/2021   Open
MPD21-0168 05/12/2021 Parked Motor Vehicle On Controlled Access Highway Closed
CCSO21-0728 05/12/2021 Possession of Tobacco by Underage Person Closed
HPD21-02112 05/12/2021 information report Open
HPD21-02111 05/12/2021 Burglary; entry of dwelling or outhouse Open