Johnny Depp to Reprise "21 Jump Street" Role?

Special to HNN Courtesy of EXTRA
Johnny Depp to Reprise "21 Jump Street" Role?

"Extra" host Mario Lopez sat down with Johnny Deppto talk about his new animated movie "Rango" -- and about the possibility of him making a cameo appearance as his former TV alter ego, Tom Hanson, in the new "21 Jump Street" movie.

"I would do it in a second," Depp admitted. "I would be happy to do it. I'm sure there's some kind of fun to be had. Just waiting to be asked!"

In the meantime, Depp is playing a chameleon in the upcoming "Rango," and confessed that at one point, he thought he knew how to train lizards. "Well, that's the thing. I don't know, but I thought I knew, as a child."

The actor had some advice for Mario about his baby daughter, Gia. "First thing you have to know is, sure, officially they become a teenager at 13, but they're actually teenagers at 10 and a half, 11," explained Depp. "Crushes on boys and the whole thing -- and you'll be, like, taking her to Justin Bieber concerts, yeah."

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