Monster on the Loose: A Federal Government Unchained from US Constitution ... and Everyday People Hurting

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Monster on the Loose: A Federal Government Unchained from US Constitution ... and Everyday People Hurting

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – No one has yet declared their candidacy for President of the United State in 2012. However, Edward R. Burgess, State Coordinator of West Virginia’s Campaign for Liberty, has “no doubt , the Good Doctor (Ron Paul) is going to give it just as much consideration as anyone.”

Paul captured a Straw Poll Presidential Victory at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past weekend winning 30% of the vote.

Burgess believes, “ his chances for 2012 are far greater than the last time around. All the major news shows want him to comment on what he campaigned on in '08 - the Economy. Ron Paul was right, no matter what the current Administration is saying, the Economy is in bad shape - everyday people are hurting.”

The WV Campaign for Liberty coordinator explained that Dr. Paul’s CPAC victory signals “a growing coalition on the political right is getting stronger. It’s a coalition of “New Right,” the younger Libertarians, “Old Right,” those that supported Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, and a growing number of the newest group --- Social Conservatives that understand the winning battlefields for issues dear and close to them are State, Local and Community.”

Burgess continued, “All members of this coalition understand --- there is a monster on the loose --- a government unchained from the U.S. Constitution. Nothing good will come to them , or Americans in general, until we get the Federal Government under control [by] stopping the out-of-touch Congress from spending like drunken sailors piling more and more debt on our children.”

In fact, “[we should] make the federal government mind its own business by getting out of our livelihoods, our homes, our churches , our schools , as well as other people’s.”

Burgess stressed two issues assist those who support the twelve time elected Republican Congressman from Texas --- the Economy and protecting American God-given rights from an intrusive federal government that keeps growing.

“No matter if we elect a Democrat or a Republican to the White House, it keeps getting bigger and bigger.”

Finally, the WV Campaign for Liberty coordinator said that Ron Paul’s straw poll victory “signals an adjustment to the Republican Party --- a return to its modern Conservative roots.”

What does this the reappearance of Republican’s inclusion of modern conservative roots matter? In Burgess words, “There will be no stopping them. Collectivists Beware!”