June 15 Huntington Police Dept. Incident Report

The Huntington Police Department released the following information on recent incidents.

CCSO21-0930 06/15/2021 runaway juvenile Open
HPD21-02699 06/15/2021 runaway juvenile Closed
MPD21-0216 06/15/2021   Open
HPD21-02698 06/15/2021 runaway juvenile Closed
CCSOj21-0929 06/15/2021 Damage or Destruction to Utility Property; Destruction of Property - Misdemeanor; Theft of Utilities Open
HPD21-02696 06/15/2021 information report Open
HPD21-02697 06/15/2021 Stolen Auto/Auto Theft Open
HPD21-02694 06/15/2021 Paraphernalia; Persons prohibited from possessing firearms - Felony; Possession of a Controlled Substance Closed
CCSO21-0928 06/15/2021   Closed
HPD21-02693 06/15/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-02691 06/15/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-02690 06/15/2021 Obtaining money, property and services by false pretenses Open
HPD21-02688 06/15/2021 Destruction of Property - Misdemeanor Open
HPD21-02689 06/15/2021 Paraphernalia Closed
HPD21-02687 06/15/2021 Driveway, Blocking Closed
HPD21-02695 06/15/2021 Deceased Person Open
HPD21-02686 06/15/2021 B & E Open
HPD21-02685 06/15/2021 B & E Auto Open
HPD21-02692 06/15/2021 information report Open
HPD21-02684 06/15/2021 Open Container; OVERTAKING, PASSING TO LEFT; DRIVER'S DUTIES Closed
HPD21-02683 06/15/2021 B & E Open
HPD21-02682 06/15/2021 Paraphernalia Closed
HPD21-02681 06/15/2021 Paraphernalia Closed
AHPD21-02680 06/15/2021   Open
VHPD21-02680 06/15/2021 Warrant Service/Execution Open
AHPD21-02679 06/15/2021   Open
VHPD21-02679 06/15/2021 Possession with Intent / Delivery of a Controlled Substance Open
CCSO21-0927 06/15/2021 Fraudulent use of a credit card - value less than $1000 Open
HPD21-02701 06/15/2021 information report Closed
HPD21-02678 06/15/2021 Paraphernalia; Tresspassing other than structure Closed
HPD21-02677 06/15/2021 Possession with Intent / Delivery of a Controlled Substance Closed
HPD21-02676 06/15/2021 information report Open
HPD21-02674 06/15/2021 Possession of a Controlled Substance Closed
HPD21-02675 06/15/2021 Possession of a Controlled Substance Closed