Sept. 1 Huntington Police Dept. Incident Report

The Huntington Police Department released the following information on recent incidents.

CCSO21-1386 09/01/2021 Domestic Battery Closed
HPD21-04059 09/01/2021 Sexual assault in the second degree Open
HPD21-04060 09/01/2021 Found Property Closed
HPD21-04057 09/01/2021 Destruction of Property - Misdemeanor Open
HPD21-04056 09/01/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-04055 09/01/2021 Petit Larceny Closed
VHPD21-04058 09/01/2021 Possession with Intent / Delivery of a Controlled Substance Open
HPD21-04054 09/01/2021 TRESPASS Closed
HPD21-04064 09/01/2021 speeding; VEHICLE SECURITY. Closed
HPD21-04053 09/01/2021 Deceased Person Open
HPD21-04052 09/01/2021 information report Open
CCSO21-1384 09/01/2021 Shoplifting - 3rd Offense; Warrant Service/Execution Closed
CCSO21-1383 09/01/2021 Petit Larceny Closed
HPD21-04051 09/01/2021 Destruction of Property - Misdemeanor Open
CCSO21-1381 09/01/2021 Possession of Tobacco by Underage Person Closed
HPD21-04050 09/01/2021 Destruction of Property - Misdemeanor Open
HPD21-04049 09/01/2021 Shoplifting - 1st & 2nd Offense Open
CCSO21-1380 09/01/2021 Domestic Battery Closed
HPD21-04048 09/01/2021 48 hour Parking Violation Closed
CCSO21-1382 09/01/2021   Open
MPD21-0303 09/01/2021 Petit Larceny Closed
VHPD21-04046 09/01/2021   Open
HPD21-04045 09/01/2021 DVP Violation Open
CCSO21-1379 09/01/2021 Warrant Service/Execution Closed