Sept. 16 Huntington Police Dept. Incident Report

The Huntington Police Department released the following information on recent incidents.

CCSO21-1492 09/16/2021 Insurance Required; Possession of a Controlled Substance; SRL-DUI 1st & 2nd Offense Closed
CCSO21-1491 09/16/2021 Warrant Service/Execution Closed
CCSO21-1490 09/16/2021 Open Door Open
HPD21-04336 09/16/2021 Shoplifting Closed
HPD21-04337 09/16/2021 Petit Larceny Open
CCSO21-1489 09/16/2021   Closed
HPD21-04335 09/16/2021 Information Report Closed
VHPD21-04334 09/16/2021 Possession with Intent / Delivery of a Controlled Substance Closed
IHPD21-04333 09/16/2021   Open
HPD21-04331 09/16/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-04332 09/16/2021 Destruction of Property - Misdemeanor Open
HPD21-04330 09/16/2021 Petit Larceny Closed
HPD21-04328 09/16/2021 Stolen Auto/Auto Theft Open
HPD21-04329 09/16/2021 Stolen Auto/Auto Theft Open
CHPD21-04327 09/16/2021   Open
HPD21-04327 09/16/2021 False Pretenses with value of $1000 or more Open
VHPD21-04326 09/16/2021   Open
CCSO21-1487 09/16/2021 Shoplifting - 1st & 2nd Offense Closed
HPD21-04324 09/16/2021 B & E Auto Open
CCSO21-1488 09/16/2021 Deceased Person Closed
HPD21-04323 09/16/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-04322 09/16/2021 Fugitive From Justice; Possession of a Controlled Substance Closed
MPD21-0318 09/16/2021 DUI greater than .150; Possession of a Controlled Substance Closed
CCSO21-1486 09/16/2021 Distribution and exhibiting of material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct; Sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian or person in a position of trust to a child Open
CHPD21-04321 09/16/2021   Open
HPD21-04321 09/16/2021 Shoplifting - 1st & 2nd Offense Open
HPD21-04320 09/16/2021 48 hour Parking Violation Closed
CCSOj21-1485 09/16/2021   Closed
HPD21-04319 09/16/2021 Petit Larceny Closed
CCSOj21-1484 09/16/2021 Information Report Open