Oct. 9 Huntington Police Dept. Incident Report

The Huntington Police Department released the following information on recent incidents.

CCSO21-1659 10/09/2021 Deceased Person Open
HPD21-04709 10/09/2021 Destruction of Property - Misdemeanor; Leaving the Scene - Property Damage Open
CCSO21-1658 10/09/2021 DUI - Minor in Vehicle Closed
CCSO21-1657 10/09/2021 No MVI or Expired MVI; Persons prohibited from possessing firearms - Felony; Possession with Intent / Delivery of a Controlled Substance; SRL-Miscellaneous Closed
HPD21-04707 10/09/2021 Battery; Robbery - 1st Degree Open
HPD21-04708 10/09/2021 Petit Larceny Open
HPD21-04706 10/09/2021 Shoplifting Closed
HPD21-04703 10/09/2021 B & E Auto Open
HPD21-04704 10/09/2021 TOWING REQUIREMENTS Open
HPD21-04705 10/09/2021 B & E Open
CCSO21-1656 10/09/2021 Possession of a Controlled Substance Closed
HPD21-04701 10/09/2021 Shoplifting Closed
HPD21-04700 10/09/2021 DUI less than .150; Failure to Process/Fingerprint Closed
HPD21-04698 10/08/2021 Leaving the Scene - Property Damage Closed
HPD21-04699 10/08/2021 DUI greater than .150; Leaving the Scene - Property Damage Closed
HPD21-04697 10/08/2021 information report Open