Everyone Downwind for Fallout from Fukushima

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Everyone Downwind for Fallout from Fukushima

Dale Dewar, Executive Director Physicians for Global Survival, told the Ottawa [Canada] Citizen that when referring to radioactive contamination from the Fukushima accident, “we are all downwinders.” The term is normally used to distinguish areas subject to radioactive fallout from a nuclear incident.

The chairman of the International Committee of Rural Citizens for Canada, has worked in medical education in Iraq, Pakistan, and the Southern Philippines, Dr. Dewar , too, has sobering words for inhabitants of worldwide locations formerly used for processing nuclear materials, including former Cold War sites in the United States.

Referring to the “superficial history of nuclear power” as a “story of deals, deception and press releases,” the physicians cautioned that the Chernobyl accident caused “chromosomal abnormalities” in birds and insects and she has “no reason to suspect that humans cannot expect the same over generations.”

Dr. Dewar penned an article on nuclear waste for the Ottawa newspaper. She has stressed that “from the Cold War onward, the United States has been concerned with nuclear waste.” Explaining that reuse of waste has been a government project, she stated that Physicians for Global Survival is “concerned about the re-use of radioactive waste by mixing it into worldwide recycled metal markets.” Instead of “recycling” she calls the process “pollution by dilution,” dispersing the health and environmental hazards of nuclear waste into consumer goods --- from toasters to cutlery , industrial machines to hammers and nails.”

Allowing such recycling creates so called acceptable levels of background radiation, but her organization calls increasing background radiation “insidious ,,, there is no minimum level of radioactive exposure acceptable for human health,” she said quoting the BEIR VII report of September 10, 2010.