HIGHER EDUCATION: Charlie Kirk: College is a ‘Scam'

HIGHER EDUCATION:  Charlie Kirk: College is a ‘Scam'

Add Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk to the growing list of successful people who are calling out colleges and universities and urging students either to delay enrolling or to think past the institutions when considering their futures.

In what amounts to a 10-count indictment of mostly liberal higher education, Kirk on Tuesday is releasing his new book that details how colleges and universities rip off and sometimes indoctrinate students, leaving them with big bills and inadequate training for jobs.

The leader of the political group focused on those in high school and college told Secrets that “many of them don't want to be in college. They feel as if it's a waste of time. They also feel as if college is ripping them off.”

Kirk, who just hosted over 5,000 student activists and former President Donald Trump in Tampa, Florida, at the Student Action Summit, added, “I think our audience will be pleased that somebody's willing to fight the regime that is currently oppressing them.”

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