"M3gan" Exceeds Expectationsl Horror Genre Dominates Winter Cinema

Updated 36 weeks ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
"M3gan" Exceeds Expectationsl Horror Genre Dominates Winter Cinema

“The Way of Water” delivered $45 million dollars over the weekend placing it in the #1 position at cinemas , but “M3gan” exceeded projections with over $30 million dollars (and second place in the weekend derby. The artificially intelligent doll had strong walk up business.

Exceeding Violent Night, Escape Room , and Smile, M3gan will join horror genre doll flicks like Child’s Play, Annabelle, Heidi, Cathy’s curse, Magic. A sequel for M3gan is already in the works


Puss n Boots, Otto and Wakanda  held on  strongly , Whitney Houston’s I Want to Dance with Somebody continued to drop.


During the pandemic horror movies scored at drive ins. The studios listened and now the winter season is dominated by horror attractions.


January 13 sees The Devil’s Conspiracy in wide with Headmistress, Skinamarink and The Offering in limited. Fear will be a widely booked horror-fest Jan. 27.


February 3 has Knock at the Cabin opening  widely , Consecration  Feb. 10 and Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey.


Ant Man and Wasp Quantumania beaks the trend Feb. 15k , followed by a rerelease of Titanic and in March Creed III.