Alec Baldwin's Plans After "30 Rock"

Special to HNN Courtesy of EXTRA
Alec Baldwin's Plans After "30 Rock"

While celebrating the placement of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Alec Baldwin talked with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli about what the "30 Rock" star might do after his time on the show is finished.

"I really do want to do other things," Baldwin admitted. "I just sold a pilot package to NPR for a radio interview show. I've been doing this non-stop for 32 years, started in 1980. I'm one of those people, I've just worked and worked non-stop. And I would like to try something else for a while."

There were rumors Baldwin was being considered to take over Keith Olbermann's spot at MSNBC, but the "30 Rock" star said that wasn't true -- although he confessed he might consider doing a TV commentary-type show. "I certainly would be open to the idea. Just to try something different from what I'm doing now, for a while to see what it's like. For me, as I get older I want to enjoy my life, so we'll see."

Baldwin, who has also said he would be interested in a political career, commented on what he thought of Donald Trump running for president. "I think we've seen, in different races, whether it's state-wide races or the presidency, that people think they can run and should run for president. I'm not going to dissuade them from doing that. I have my opinions that I'll keep to myself. I don't think we need people to run the government like a business. I know Donald. He's a fun guy, he's a good guy."

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