Nuclear Worker Died with Bone-Like Protrusions Growing Through Skin

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

PADUCAH, KY (HNN) – When considering the then secret work performed at the Huntington uranium processing plant (Huntington Pilot Plant) , you must remember that the facility received radioactive materials from both the Paducah and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plants.

The West Virginia plant also received radioactive items from Oak Ridge, Savannah River, and Hanford.

The Huntington plant, which operated from about 1951-1962 had been designed and leased to the Department of Energy/Atomic Energy Commission, remained in standby until 1978. At that time, the AEC determined that the entire structure should be demolished due to toxic contamination such as nickel carbonyl, uranium and other radioactive metals.

Reports differ, but some retirees claim that a portion of the plant went to the municipal land fill. However, after the extinct of contamination was determined, the plant and equipment were disassembled literally brick by brick and trucked or sent by rail to Piketon, Ohio.

The Huntington Pilot Plant debris (interior/exterior) was buried along with the equipment used to transport in a classified site. Since the burial , some waste water contamination leakage has occurred in Piketon, Ohio since the radioactive debris was just dumped in the hole , not properly packaged to prevent leakage.

On YouTube, you can view the story of a nuclear work, who like ones in Huntington, Portsmouth, Oak Ridge and throughout America did not know they were working in dangerously radioactive elements.