Santorum Favors Gun Control Candidates

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

“The evidence is clear,” said Dudley Brown , executive director of the National Association for Gun Rights, “[Rick Santorum] has a long record of supporting anti-gun legislation and politicians.”

Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum’s lengthy history of backing candidates that would limit or curtail Second Amendment Rights stretches back to 1990’s  when he  favored  the Lautenberg Gun Ban, followed in  1999 by a bill requiring federal background checks at gun shows and in 2005 a bill that would have mandated locks on guns.

The Lautenberg Gun Ban contained a severe penalty for gun owners who spanked their children or grabbed their spouse’s wrist. This domestic violence provision stripped offenders of their Second Amendment rights.

Santorum has supported former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter and campaigned for New Jersey governor, Christine Todd Whitman. During the 2004 election, Sen. Spector (R-Pa.) had a tight race with fellow Republican Pat Toomey, With Spector trailing in the polls, Santorum put his backing behind the gun controlling Spector. Eventually, Spector won the primary over Second Amendment favoring Toomey going on to “push for gun control in his years in the Senate,” Brown explained.