by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Scene "Devil Inside"
Scene "Devil Inside"
Let me apologize for the skimpy basics the last two weeks. I’ve been battling an insidious virus which kept me drained. We’ll  now begin catch up. As the nominees for major awards continue to be announced, two of those “select cities” have broadened and announced “wider” release dates. Whether your city’s Cineplex has a print of one or more of these serious, artsy, and provocative depends on screen totals.

“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” makes its way into more markets this weekend. “The Iron Lady” will expand the screening of Meryl Streep’s latest Oscar bid on January 13. And, as previously scheduled, the buzzing flick about a boy’s dad who died at the World Trade Center --- Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close --- widens on January 20.

Remember, mainstream and wide release means appealing to the most potential viewers. Thus, you may still have to make a road trip to catch a large chunk of award nominees. Charleston/Huntington viewers have fared best, “Young Adult” has continued at Marquee’s Pullman Square and “My Week with Marilyn” began a few days before Christmas at GHTC’s Park Place Stadium (Charleston) and Marquee’s Pullman Square and Galleria (Beckley).

JAN 6: The Devil Inside

JAN 13: Beauty and the Beast (Disney classic in 3D); Contraband; Joyful Noise

JAN 20: Haywire; Red Tails; Underworld Awakening

JAN 27: The Grey; Man on a Ledge; One for the Money

FEB 3: Big Miracle; Chronicle; Woman in Black

FEB 10: Journey 2 The Mysterious Island; Safe House; Star Wars Phantom Menace (in 3D); The Vow

FEB 17: Vengeance; Secret World of Arrietty; ; This Means War;

FEB 24: Act of Valor; Gone; Tyler Perry Good Deeds; Wanderlust



MARQUEE PULLMAN SQUARE: Devil Inside, 12:10-2:30-5:00-7:30-9:50; CONTINUING:  My Week with Marilyn, 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:30-9:55; Young Adult, 12:30-2:50-5:10-7:30-9:50; ENDS THURSDAY: J. Edgar; The Sitter ; Happy Feet II; For full schedule  and on line sales, click: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26187


MARQUEE SOUTHRIDGE: Devil Inside, 12:30-2:45-5:00-7:20-9:40; CONTINUING: Ghost Protocol, 12:30-3:30-6:50-9:50; Girl with Dragon Tattoo, 11:25-2:50-6:15-9:40; CONTINUING IN 3D: Darkest Hour, 4:30-9:40; Adventures of Tintin, 11:25-2:00-7:00 ; TIME CHANGES: Muppets, 11:40-2:15-4:50 only; My Week with Marilyn, 7:30-9:55 only; ENDS THURSDAY: J. Edgar; Happy Feet II; Sitter; For full schedule & on line sales: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26192


PARK PLACE STADIUM CINEMAS: Devil Inside, 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05; TIME CHANGES: Darkest Hour 3D, 1:15-5:15-9:15 ONLY; Adventures of Tintin 3D, 12:30-5:10-9:50 only; New Year’s Eve, 1:05-9:10 ONLY; The Sitter, 4:05-7:05 only; ENDS THURSDAY: The Muppets;


MARQUEE GALLERIA : Devil Inside, 12:15-2:30-4:45-7:00-9:20; CONTINUING IN 3D: Adventures of Tin Tin, 4:00-6:45 only; Darkest Hour, 2:35-7:05 only; CONTINUING: Ghost Protocol, 12:00-3:00-6:15-6:45-9:15-9:45; We Bought a Zoo, 1:00-4:00-6:50-9:40; War Horse, 12:00-3:10-6:20-9:30; My Week with Marilyn, 12:00-2:25-4:50-7:15-9:40; TIME CHANGES: Muppets, 12:45-3:45-6:30; The Sitter, 9:15 only; For full schedule and on line sales, http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26190



MARQUEE WYTHEVILLE 8: Devil Inside, 4:30-7:00-9:50, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:10-2:20; War Horse, 3:00-6:10-9:15, Sat/SunMat. 11:45; CONTINUING 3D: Adventures of Tintin 4:50-7:20, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:00 , 2D at 9:50, Sat/Sun Mat. 2:25; For full schedule, visit: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26204



TEAYS VALLEY CINEMAS: Devil Inside , 10:50*-1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:45; New Year’s Eve 10:30*-1:00-7:00 only; The Sitter, 3:25-5:20-9:30 only; Darkest Hour 1:30-9:30 only; For full schedule, visit: http://www.franktheatres.com


MARQUEE NICHOLAS SHOWPLACE: War Horse, 3:15-6:30-9:40*, Sat/Sun Mat 12:05, Mon-Thurs. 4:30-7:40;   Adventures of Tintin 3D, 4:00, Mon-Thurs 5:05 ; Ghost Protocol, 6:35-9:35, Sat/Sun 12:30,  Mon-Thurs. 7:30; Alvin,  3:45-6:40-9:30, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:00,  Mon-Thurs 5:00-7:20 ;  Sherlock , 3:45-6:40-9:30, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:45, Mon-Thurs. 4:40-7:35; *No Sun Late Show. For schedule visit: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26220


MARQUEE HIGHLANDS 14: The Devil Inside, 1:30-4:30-7:00-9:30; CONTINUING IN 3D: Darkest Hour , 4:30-9:20; adventures of Tintin, 4:45-9:45; CONTINUING: War Horse, 12:00-3:10-6:20-9:30; Girl with Dragon Tattoo, 1:00-4:30-8:00; Ghost Protocol, 12:10-12:40-3:10-3:40-6:20-6:50-9:20-9:40; TIME CHANGES: Sitter, 7:00-9:15; Muppets, 1:15-3:50; My Week with Marilyn, 7:10-9:35 only; ENDS THURSDAY: Happy feet II;  For full schedule and on line sales, http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26189


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