Tired Speech; Broken Promises

Special to HNN from a Provided Press Release

(Provided by WV Young GOP)

Charleston, W.Va.-- It's only taken 80 years to do it, but West Virginia's Democrat incumbents have successfully made the state dead last or close in every meaningful economic category. No matter what Governor Earl Tomblin says tonight at the Capitol, the fact is that his team can take the credit for the state's reputation as a Judicial Hellhole and repellent to job creators & young people.

"The first few days in Charleston for Tomblin and his liberal leadership team have been embarrassing," said WV Federation of Young Republicans leadership. "Nothing but talk of how well the state budget is doing  and no talk about our family budgets. We shouldn't judge this state by how well government is doing....but by how well our people are doing. To these incumbents, expanding government comes first. That's what Obama wants and it's what they will do."

Voters can expect most of the legislative session to be taken up with resetting the prior Democrat election redistricting law that a Federal court deemed illegal last week. More wasted time and taxpayer dollars set on fire.

"It is so exciting that this year we will have the opportunity to talk about the issues. To remind voters how then-State Senator Tomblin and nearly every Democrat in both sides of the legislature went out of the their way to pass local cap-and-trade laws and endorse ObamaCare as tribute to their comrade Barack Hussein Obama," said WVYR leaders. "Earl Tomblin has been to the White House several times to visit Obama. Hopefully he'll need a job there after November."