FILING UPDATE: Mayoral Candidates Drop Out; Council Contenders Reposition Too

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
FILING UPDATE: Mayoral Candidates Drop Out; Council Contenders Reposition Too

After an extended city election filing deadline of January 31, candidates are now reconsidering offices to which they chose to run having gazed  at the line ups in the local elections. Jasper Black (D) and Artie "Dino" Battista (D) have withdrawn from the race for Mayor. 

Black stated on his Facebook page that his decision followed "much prayer" and was based on unity.

"I care about Huntington and it’s people and have no doubt that for the best interest of the Democratic party that Huntington’s citzens will make the awesome choice of selecting a Mayor that will allow Huntington West Virginia to grow into a great city for all people in the United States to know that in Huntington West Virginia there is UNITY and TRANQUILITY," Black said. 

Battista's withdrawal came from after voter record verification that he is not associated with any party. He had registered to run as a Democrat.

Rumors persist , too, that Carl Eastham (D), a retired firefighter, will also drop out. Should this occur, the election podium will be set for a November barn-burner between Steve Williams (D) and incumbent Mayor Kim Wolfe (R) .

Wolfe faces one challenger, Dale Anderson II , a Republican and former Tea Party member, in the primary.

Will Holland's withdrawal in the at-large race means that Rebecca Thacker and David Ball both advance to the November general election where they face Cal Kent and Gordon Ramey. Mark Bates, chairman of council, and Sandra Clements, vice chairman, are both unopposed in their respective district races.

HUNTINGTON MAYOR: Kim Wolfe (R), Dale Anderson II (R); Carl Eastham (D), Stephen Anderson Jr. (D); Steve Williams (D) ;

HUNTINGTON CITY COUNCIL: Clara "Joyce" Clark D, (District 1); Teresa Loudermilk, Pete Gillespie (D, Tom McCallister(R), Nolan Grubb (R)  , Greg Martin (R),  (District 2); Frances Jackson (D), Aaron Michael Fox (D); Thomas C. Laishley (D), (R), (District 3) Steve Phipps (D), Bethann Earl (R), Gary Bunn (R ) ( District 4); Sandra Clements , (District 5);  Mark Bates R, ( District 6); Scott Caserta (D, Bobby Ellis (R) , (District 7); Kirt Gillenwater (D), Richard "Dick" Strode (I), Tom McGuffin (D), (District 8); Richard Simmons (D), Sherry Lynn McClanahan (R), Jeanne Ann Wray(R); (District 9); Rebecca Thacker (D), David Ball (D);  Gordon Ramey II (R),  Cal Kent (R), (at large);

NOT SEEKING REELECTION: Nate Randolph;  Jim Ritter (illness); Consecutive Term Limitation (can't seek reelection), Jim Insco;


Assessor: Ed Haun, Phyllis Kirtley Smith, Alvin L. Bowyer Jr. (R), Anne Dandelet (R);

Board of Education: Suzanne McGinnis Oxley; Garland "Skip" Parsons; Karen Nance; Gregory Borowski;

Circuit Judge: Paul Farrell

Prosecutor: Chris Chiles

Cabell County Assessor: C.A. Adams; Ed Haun; Phyllis Kirtlerly Smith; Alvin Boyer Jr.; Anne Dandelet; Irv Johnson; (Incumbent Ottie Adkins is not seeking re-election).

County Commission: Bob Bailey; Michael Maxey; Charles Zerkle Jr; Greg Riley (R);

Magistrate: SEVEN SEATS ARE AVAILABLE: Gary Hale (D) , Michael Woelfel (D), Patty Verbage Spence (D) , Darrell Black, Johnny McCallister, Opal Sanders, Paul Qualls, Fred Buchanan; Danne Vance; Dan Goheen ; Kenneth Graybeal; Greg Lawson; Johnny Bowman; Tom Bevins; Fred Buchanan; Rondall "Ron" Baumgardner (R) ; John Dennison; Johnny Bowman; Kirby Anderson; Scott Bias; Tom Bevins; Fred Buchanan (R) ; J. Larry Crawford (R); Johnny  Ray Rice II (D); David Beckett (D); Timothy (Tim) Fox (D);  Tyler Smith (R); and Derek Artrip (R);

Sheriff: Thomas McComas


President of the US:  Newt Gingrich; Rick Santorum; Mitt Romney; Ron Paul; Keith Judd; Barrack Obama;

U.S. Senate:  John Raese (R); Joe Manchin (D); Sheirl L. Fletcher (D)

GOVERNOR: Arnie Moltis (D); Earl Ray Tomblin (D); Ralph Clark (R), Bill Maloney (R);

WV Supreme Court: James Rowe; Letitia Chafin; Robin Davis; John Yoder;

WV Attorney General: Darrell McGraw Jr. (D); Patrick Morrisey (R ) ;

U.S. House District 3: Nick Rahall (D); Lee Bias (R) , Rick Snuffer (R) ; Bill Lester (R); District 1: Susan Thorn (D); David McKinley (R) ; District 2, Michael Davis (R) ; Shelly Moore-Capito (R); Dugald Brown (D), Howard Swint (D), William McCann (D), Jonathan Miller (R) ;

House of Delegates District 16, Jim Morgan (D) , Kevin Craig (D), Carol Miller (R), Mike Davis (R);

House of Delegates District 17, Dale Stephens (D), Doug Reynolds (D); Robert Alexander (D); Michael Ankrom (R ); Grant Imes (R );

House of Delegates District 18, Billy Chaffin (D); Kelli Sobonya (R); Joe Hutchinson (D); Portia Warner (D);

House of Delegates District 19: Don Perdue (D), Rick Thompson (D);

State Senate, District 5, Robert Bob Plymale

Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant (D);  Brian C. Savilla (R)