WV Republican Women’s Day Monday at Legislature

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WV Republican Women’s Day Monday at Legislature

Electoral Vote Bill Passes Judiciary Committee

CHARLESTON  (HNN) – WV Republican Women’s Day at the WV Legislature runs Monday, Feb. 21, in the Conference Room next to the Secretary of State’s Office. The location is on the second floor of the Capitol Building.

Del. Kelli Sobonya (R-Cabell) requests that everyone “wear your red and show your support that we are a red state.”

Senator Donna Boley will host the reception, and those attending the event are encouraged to wear red. For further info, contact Donna Chaney by calling 304-523-2465 or e-mailing trucruly@aol.com.

A carpool will leave the Sheetz gas station at the Huntington Mall at 8:15 a.m.

Incidentally, Sobonya has concerns about a bill that “passed the House Judiciary without my vote.” The Popular Vote bill “would change the electoral college” to a popular vote basis. In her Facebook posting, she stated, “even though Obama lost WV, he would’ve received all five of our electoral votes” based on the proposed bill.

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