TAKE ONE: Weekend First Movie Comings/Goings --- Huntington

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
TAKE ONE: Weekend First Movie Comings/Goings --- Huntington

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – On the weekend before Oscar-mania strikes, you might want to catch some of the lesser known flicks that are just barely holding on at the multiplex hoping for numerous Academy Awards to boost ticket sales. Likely, “The King’s Speech” and “True Grit” will be dragging in plenty of Oscar, so anticipate “Black Swan,” “The Fighter,” and “127 Hours” to fade fast , unless they post wins in the Best Picture or Best Acting categories.

MARQUEE PULLMAN SQUARE ( All digital; 4 Real D auditoriums), Drive Angry (3D), 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:30-10:00; Hall Pass, 1:20-4:20-7:10-9:50; CONTINUING: King’s Speech 12:40-3:40-6:30-9:15; CONTINUING IN 3D: Justin Bieber Never Say Never, 1:10-4:10-6:45-9:15; Gnomeo & Juliet 3D, 12:30-2:45-5:00-7:20-9:30; TIME CHANGES: Sanctum (2D) 12:50-9:20; Mechanic, 4:00-9:25; True Grit, 3:50-6:40; Black Swan, 1:20-6:45. ENDS THURSDAY: The Rite;  Full Schedule / Online Tickets: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26187


DISCOUNT CINEMA  (1021 Fourth Avenue), $2.50 before 6 pm and all Day Tuesday; $3.50 Adults; Flashback Films $5.00; Cinema Exclusive, $6.00,  “The Fighter,” 4:30-7:05-9:25, S/S/Tues 1:30; Yogi Bear, 5:15-7:15-9:15, S/S/Tues 1:15-3:15; Tangled, 5:20, S/S/Tues 1:10-3:15; CINEMA EXCLUSIVE: Blue Valentine, 7:20-9:30 only; 127 Hours, 5:25-7:30-9:35, S/S/Tues 1:15-3:20; FLASHBACK: Sun Feb. 27, Raging Bull (Robert DeNiro) 4:00, Monday Feb. 28, 4:00-7:00; March 6/7 “The Last Waltz.”  On line sales, http://www.ourshowtimes.com/cinema/index.html

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