"Snapshot" Recalls True Story Lead Singer of The Explosive Dynamiks

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Do You Remember?
Do You Remember?
Carmen Mitzi Sinnott performs "Snapshot," a true story of love interrupted by invasion, Thursday, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. in the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center on the Marshall University Campus. There is no admission charge.

The story of a daughter’s journey through a landscape of years, memories and realities initiated by her questioning, “what do I know about war?” The answers are lying in an album of faded photos of her absent father, who left for the Vietnam War before she was born. Fusing words, dance, music and film this story chronicles the quest of a mixed-race daughter from Southern Appalachia who eventually finds her homeless Veteran father suffering in Hawaii.

The father brought to light in this true story is Lorenzo Batts Jr. of Huntington WV. He was a graduate of St. Joseph’s High School (Huntington) class of 1966 and lead soul singer of the R &B group The Explosive Dynamiks. At age 20, Lorenzo was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. He returned to Huntington severely wounded in combat, suffering from severe post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and quickly progressed into schizophrenia. In 1978 left Huntington and was never seen again.

Using photographs and film accompanied by a soundtrack of R &B tracks, Carmen Mitzi plays 15 different characters giving a personal account of her search for certainty, bringing each character to life, with her father in the leading role. Her growing insights reveal how the forces of history, race and war affected herself and her family, and the torn fragments of her life begin to reconnect. SNAPSHOT honors her father and other Vietnam Veterans who have been lost under the avalanche of history.

Scene from "Snapshot" Coming in Feb. to MU
Scene from "Snapshot" Coming in Feb. to MU

Carmen Mitzi says, “Performing SNAPSHOT on three continents, I’ve learned that my family’s story about interracial love, war and mental illness has lasting transformative power.

The show was nominated for Best Actress at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, received a special selection at: Cape Town Festival South Africa and International Women’s Theatre Festival Tornio Finland and recipient of: Brooklyn NY Arts Council Artist Grant, and Kentucky Foundation for Women Art Meets Activism Grant.

SNAPSHOT a daring look at the truth of our past and the effort of creating healing and peace is at the heart of the work.

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