Manchin is Three for Three on Costly Obama Stimulus Votes

Richard M. Jones
Manchin is Three for Three on Costly Obama Stimulus Votes

Joe Manchin's credibility on fiscal conservatism is now officially shot.  The junior U.S. Senator from West Virginia tells constituents that he's just appalled at the spending in D.C., even as he voted for his third Obama Stimulus package in a year.  Indeed, Obama has found in Manchin a very reliable party-line voter when it comes to voting for his Stimulus bills.

But what is most incredible is the dual game Manchin tries to play with his spending votes.  Manchin says--and expect us to believe--that he is concerned about the level of spending by President Obama.  Do the two men have some sort of deal, whereby Manchin will decry Obama's spending bills but will vote for them later?

In times like these, with the average taxpaying family facing shortfalls of their own, how can Senator Manchin continue to vote for more of the same kind of failed trillion dollar stimulus that launched the Obama presidency?  How badly did the first stimulus have to fail before Manchin woke up and took note? 

What is needed to stimulate our economy is putting more money back into the taxpayers' hands.  For some, that may mean a little more money to help grow a small business.   For others, it will mean savings or some increased spending with local merchants.  Either way, tax cuts, not more federal spending, is the better answer in tough economic times.

Manchin is fast becoming a joke across West Virginia.  On one hand, he decries partisanship and wants the two parties to come together.  Yet he votes like one of Obama's most partisan warriors, whether on Obamacare, the Stimulus plans, or even on the nation's military budget getting sapped before anything else.  In exchange for Manchin's votes in the Senate, Obama is more than happy to let him criticize him publically now and then.  Criticism is here today, gone tomorrow.  But Manchin's votes for Obama's most important initiatives are permanent.

When one starts to clear the dust away from Manchin's actual voting record and his gobbledygook remarks to the press or constituents, one thing is clear.  The man has no real worldview, other than the cult of the self.  Well, America needs something more than just Joe Manchin in order to get out of the current recession.  

We need strong, principled leaders who do not abandon their constituents just to please the President and his staff.  Make no mistake: President Obama has the better part of the deal with Joe Manchin. And Obama is counting on Manchin's support if the President gets re-elected.

If you thought the first term  was difficult, just wait for the second.  If both Obama and Manchin get re-elected, you can bank on it that Manchin will continue to vote 85% of the time for Obama. 




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