EDITORIAL: Morrisey! Not the English Singer, the Attorney General Candidate

HNN Staff
Patrick Morrisey
Patrick Morrisey

Here at HNN, we are always pleased to see a fresh mountain spring deliver its water into the swamp that is West Virginia politics.  A more fetid swamp would be hard to find than longtime Attorney General Darrell McGraw's office.  As a result, a strong Republican competitor like Jefferson County's Patrick Morrisey should stir up things nicely in the 2012 Attorney General's race.

Morrisey may not be a household word yet, but we predict he soon will be.  Morrisey's credentials are the kind that should be intriguing to West Virginia voters this year.  For starters, Morrisey has been one of the lead lawyers bringing the multi-state lawsuit against the federal government on Obamacare.  With an overwhelming number of West Virginia voters polling against the Presidents' controversial health care plan, Morrisey should get a welcome reception across the state, particularly senior citizens worried about Obamacare's $500 billion takeaway from the existing Medicare program.

Morrisey's other high-level work at the well-respected King and Spalding law firm in D.C. would guarantee that he can hit the ground running upon election to the state's highest law enforcement office.  Already a partner at King and Spalding at age 44, Morrisey has been given serious responsibilities.

As for the predictable McGraw attacks that Morrisey, a native of New Jersey, is not sufficiently "West Virginia enough" for the voters' liking, we predict that the state's voters will be more than happy to give Morrisey a break.  His decision to buy a home and grow his family in Jefferson County mirrors the experience of tens of thousands of adopted West Virginia who have chosen to make the Eastern Panhandle their home.

Frankly, Darrell McGraw's retro politics is what is out of step with the West Virginia of the 21st Century, a place where voters across party lines are ready for positive change.  McGraw's constant self-absorption with the purchase of thousands of dollars' worth of trinkets bearing his name, in an attempt to get re-elected, is wearing thin, especially during tight budget years.

All the more reason to give Patrick Morrisey a chance to tell us who he is, what he wants to do as our Attorney General, and why he would be better suited for the job than Darrell McGraw.



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