500 to 600 Jobs Possible at Kinetic Park; HMDA May Close Within Weeks on Ambitious Project

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
500 to 600 Jobs Possible at Kinetic Park; HMDA May Close Within Weeks on Ambitious Project

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – The Huntington Municipal Development Authority is currently in negotiations for a large scale project at Kinetic Park. Tom Bell, executive director of HMDA, told the full board the authority is “within weeks” of closing on an “ambitious project” at Kinetic Park.

“It is proceeding nicely and we are resolving any issues we have run in to,” Bell said.

Elaborating more on the unnamed project, Bell told HNN following the Huntington City Council meeting that the possible Kinetic Project “would bring in a substantial number of jobs.” He estimated that the total would be between 500 to 600 jobs.

HMDA has authorized him to make “major deviations” to the already approved Kinetic Park plan to secure the new tenant. The executive committee had previously given him similar authority.

If the project occurs, it will be on the fast track. Bell said occupancy is anticipated by “the first quarter of the year.”

As a hopeful sign for Kinetic Park development, Roger Smith inquired about a nearly ten acre parcel that in his words is “almost out of the flood plain.”

Lisa Caldwell indicated the space had been designed for either a gas station or fast food restaurant.

Smith stated that someone might want to purchase the parcel for future investment purposes. He recalled that “something may run down the middle of it,” referring to a possible sewer right of way.

Bell agreed to look into the location to see if there were any encumbrance.

One suspense issue stayed on the table --- Bell said the March date for the law firm to commit to purchase of the Annex is coming up soon.

“It appears to be on track,” Bell said. “We certainly hope they will move forward with the annex project.”

The option runs out March 11.

HMDA received another piece of good news too --- Amazon.com has renewed their lease for another year on their space at the Jean Dean Public Safety Building.

“It will continue to provide income for the city and HMDA,” Bell told the committee. “We are thrilled that Amazon is keeping their presence in town. They have been a good corporate neighbor.”

Amazon’s lease at the Jean Dean Public Safety Building is currently renewable on an annual basis.